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Saturday, 9 December 2017

An unlikely victory

Today, it was just Lawrence and I doing 7YW again. We had a 12' table again so had plenty of space, even with some oddly dispersed terrain.
Lawrence used his Reichsarmee troops, with some French allies. Being an imaginations force, he could make them whatever quality he wanted.

Frederick again diced himself as the defender! 
Never mind...

Our armies at setup, despite being able to deploy in the flank sectors of the table, Lawrence opted to have a smaller front than me... 
 ...though he had more reserves...
I deployed Seydlitz with KR8, KR7 and a dragoon regiment on the left. 
My centre was conventional, 3 brigades of infantry. I hoped Lawrence wouldn't note the 2 Guard battalions (IR15 2/3) on my front right!  
 Far out on the right, my weak wing. 1 Kuirassier regiment, a dragoon regiment, and 5 squadrons of Hussars.
Lawrence had some bad luck activating his reserve! Only Regt. Bretlach began deploying left to face my weak wing. 
 Despite the protestations of their commander, the rest just stood there!
 Lawrences' infantry centre took its time trying to advance, the centre was somewhat...slow off the mark!
His right wing cavalry began advancing, barring Regt. Ansbach, which steadfastly refused to move! 
 My right wing had similar problems, the commander rushing ahead with the Kuirassiers, leaving the rest behind!
Being outnumbered in cavalry on both wings, Von Dreisen, could only hope to catch the enemy  while they were manoeuvering.
 A brigade (Including the Guards) of infantry started advancing towards the Imperial left. I had 2 battalions of Grenadiers hidden in the wood, but these initially failed to get the order to advance!
Seydlitz, on my left, deployed out to engage the long Imperial-French cavalry line. 
 On my right, Regt Bretlach formed to engage my Kuirassiers.
Regt Trauttmansdorff now - finally - moved to support them!
 The Imperial centre had now sorted itself out, and was slowly advancing.
 The right wing Imperial cavalry were also advancing against Seydlitz.
His Cuirassier force moved to contact. 
 At the end, only KR8 remained on position, all the Imperial horse and KR8 had broken off the close fought battle, and rallied back!
 Both sides showed some 'wear and tear'!
The Imperials began to reform. 
Meanwhile, Regt. Alsace - supported by artillery... 
 ...Drove back IR15! - so much for the Guard! (My grenadiers can be seen on their right, having finally come out to support my cavalry wing)
The 2nd Prussian line, however, rapidly ordered their ranks and advanced in their place. 
The French fell back in turn, disrupting their supporting line. 
Back on my left, the Imperial artillery was firing on my cavalry... 
KR8 was heavily hit - effectively ending their ability to fight.
Regiment Bretlach met my right wing Kuirassiers... 
 He broke the Prussian horse and pursued them off.
The second line of the Alsace brigade now advanced against my victorious infantry...
 My second line troops, screening the discomfited guards, scattered them with a crashing volley! 
Things began to go badly for the Imperial side now, they attacked with their main infantry line and lost heavily in the fire-fight. I now found that Lawrence had made most of his front line battalions 'high morale' and they stood!
 My rallied Guards, led by Frederick himself-  now began to enfilade the advancing Imperial infantry.
 Blasted by the Prussian artillery from their front as well, Blau-Wurtzburg broke and ran.
On my left, Seydlitz drove the dragoons to face the Imperial horse as it tried to outflank them. Some Imperial Kuirassiers charged KR7...
Inspired by Seydlitz, the Prussian horse won! 
The Franco-Imperialist line now began to break up as the Prussians advanced. 
Imperial regiment Ansbach had spent the entire battle standing in reserve... 
'Home lads!' 
That was a very hard won victory for the Prussians - again! I felt I was always playing to the Imperialists tune, trying to plug gaps, but the reliable Prussian war machine held together!

PS: The rules (my own) that we used are available freely on our website, they have been slightly updated and clarified in the current version! (Updated 11/12/17)

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Frederick on the defensive?

Today we returned to our 7 Years war gaming after the excellent Battleground show last week.

I had my Prussians against Lawrence's French again, as Phil etc were absent again.
One plus, several other players at the club were off with various lurgies - which, though bad for them, meant we got a 12' table to play on, no more cramped deployments!

So, how did the game go?

I got to deploy first but Lawrence had outmaneuvered me and had an Austrian brigade round my flank! I wondered if their advance would combine with the infantry facing my right wing cavalry and crush my right wing?
The French left was regiments Bretlach and Trauttmannsdorff on a low hill, with the Ansbach dragoons supporting, facing a steeper hill.
 The French infantry centre was larger than mine, with more guns.
The French right was their weakest, with the Cuirassiers du Roi supported by the light Cheveaux Legeres. 
Facing them was 2 Kuirassier and 1 dragoon regiment (I had a Frei Korps battalion in the wood, but they were never needed!) 
 My centre was only 3 brigades of infantry. My position opposite a steep hill would mean both lines outflanked the enemy right.
My right (Under Seyditz) - was seriously threatened. 
The Austrian Kuirassiers rushed forward to engage Seydlitz. 
I would have to engage these, or lose the battle! 
The French infantry centre began a slow move forward, edging their line right to parallel my line. 
The French right seemed half asleep and stayed in position on the hill. 
 My right wing raced round to face the Austrians, before the French infantry became involved.
 I sent Frederick himself with 2 Grenadier battalions to support my left wing cavalry...
... I was uneasy about the outcome of the battle on this wing!
 KR10 was heading for the French cavalry.
The French attacked!
With great elan, the French horse smashed into KR10...
...overthrowing the hapless Prussians!
The French pursued...straight into my second Kuirassier regiment, who smashed the French in turn!
My second Kuirassier regiment failed to reform properly...
...but raced in pursuit straight toward the French cavalry...
...who retreated before contact, disrupting the 3rd line cavalry!
Fortunately, the French infantry were having problems advancing in a steady line, especially the ones facing Seydlitz on the other flank. 
 In a 'make or break' charge, KR8 faced off with Regiment Bretlach,  If I lost, they would sweep into my manoeuvering 2nd and 3rd line horse and probably demolish my right wing...
...But KR8, with Seydlitz in support smashed Bretlach, I was saved!
 KR8 pursued right into Regiment Trauttmannsdorff, amazingly breaking these as well!
The game was up for the French! On my left the French horse was retreating...my cavalry held the hill, with dragoons and Frederick's grenadiers coming up in support... 
...Their centre was still far from my line... 
 ...Regiment Bretlach was fleeing... 
 ...as was Trauttmannsdorff...the Ansbach dragoons were on their own...
 ...against my Kuirassiers and dragoons, supported by fusiliers.
The French broke off, while they still had enough horse to cover their army.
It was now that Lawrence let me know why his centre was so hesitant...in order to have so many he had made all his foot 'Low Morale' which would have made them fragile in a fire fight with my infantry!

It was a very close run thing today, If my right wing cavalry had lost that first fight, it would probably have been a win for the French!