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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Getting my Russians out for an airing!

As we continue play testing the new version of my 7 year war rules -Lawrence and I had a game by ourselves, our other players (rightly) being absent doing important life things!

We diced for initiative, and once again Lawrence's Franco-Reichs army had to deploy first.
To my surprise, he chose the side with a steep hill on the flank, which would disrupt his troops, but allow my light cavalry to move about on?!

My Russian Heavy cavalry and the Serbsky hussars, supported by 2 guns and a dismounted dragoon regiment and some converged grenadiers.
My strong infantry centre, and right wing, consisting of a unit of Kalmuks, and 2 of Don Cossacks. 
Opposite my heavy cavalry, Lawrence had 2 regiments of Austrian Kuirassiers and 2 of dragoons, behind a grenadier brigade. 
To the left of these, he had a wavy line of Battalions supported by artillery. 
 My initial command roll was...bad! - I only managed to get my Hussars moving.
My Infantry centre with its 2 heavy guns managed to get moving without problems. 
 On the right, a dilatory unit of Cossacks blocked the advance of my grenadiers.
The French guns responded! 
...and managed... 
...to hit nothing! 
 Lawrence had command problems bigger than mine! He did, however, manage to get his Austrian Kuirassiers shaken out into line to face my Serbs!
My left wing general managed to get his horse moving at last! 
In the centre, the heavy guns, which would outrange their opposite numbers, deployed under fire. 
 My right wing light horse, led by the Kalmuk horse archers, probed Lawrence's left.
Back on the other wing, the French artillery was getting the range... 
 ...disorganising my single regiment of Kuirassiers.
 In the centre, my heavy guns deployed in a leisurely manner!...
 ...then opened fire!
Whoa! That surprised the French!--I was already in accurate range! 
 My howitzer, supporting the light horse, also got into range and began bombarding Lawrence's men on the hill.
The French began to fire back. 
On our heavy cavalry wing, a failure in command left Austrian regiment Bretlach advancing alone in pursuit of my retreating Serbs, My Kuirassiers managed to charge their flank, but the Austrians fought well, and they only retreated in fair order from the combat. 
My Kuirassiers were halted, reorganising, when Lawrence finally got Austrian Kuirassier regiment Trauttmansdorff  moving in support! I surprised them by sending my dismounted dragoons to shoot them!
The Kuirassiers retreated, but Lawrence's infantry was advancing, catching my dragoons in flank! 
 My dragoons tried to engage...
 ...but broke under the fire of the French grenadiers!
 On the other flank, my Howitzer was still bombarding the ridge...
...the French gun disappeared as a shell hit their ammunition! I was free to pound the French line unopposed!
I had managed to get my Kuirassiers rallied by my horse-grenadiers, supported by artillery and the Serb hussars, I was feeling...confident! 
The Austrian Kuirassiers, still under fire from my guns on the hill, refused to attack again, both being at reduced strength after their previous actions. 
Lawrence decided the French would leave the field rather than risk losing on this wing. 
They had been cursed by a combination of poor generals, and bad command die rolls. My rolling had been at times...spectacular!
After last week's game, it was nice to see the Austrian Kuirassiers come a cropper, though! - and my light cavalry had pinned down the French. I tried to get the Kalmuks to charge the disorganised French on the hill, but they smartly refused every time ('We are horse archers, not Kuirassiers!')

Next week, I will return to use my Prussians again!


Saturday, 9 September 2017

Another pre campaign game?

Today we had another 7 Years war game, using a new version of my rules. It seemed to go ok! If you want to try them yourselves, they are now on our club website at this LINK

Although I didn't get all the pics I wanted (I was tied up playing the game), I think I have enough to tell the story!

Although we were using Prussians against Reichsarmee/French, for the exercise, we had everyone Average morale.

Lawrence, in charge of the French, deployed his horse behind a double line of infantry, with guns supporting the line.
The rest of his infantry was on the left, a brigade of grenadiers holding the end of the line. 
 The 'Prussians' had the initiative, and Phil moved his 4 brigades towards the 'French' left.
I advanced with 2 cavalry brigades, Kuirassiers leading with dragoons behind in each, I planned to leave my infantry facing off the Reichs infantry, I wanted a cavalry battle!
 Lawrence left 3 brigades of infantry facing my 1, and aggressively advanced 2 regiments of 'Austrian' Kuirassiers to face the Prussian horse.
His artillery fired on my Kuirassiers as they advanced... 
 My Kuirassiers were disordered briefly, but they recovered quickly.

 Lawrence sent some Chasseurs du Fischer infantry to occupy the wood to their front and harrass Phil's Prussian infantry, no doubt!
Phil was advancing slowly, which gave time for his gun batteries to get into position facing the enemy grenadiers. 
I had advanced my battery too, to support my horse. 
I had high hopes I could sweep the enemy away, and give time for Phil's 'Big wing' to attack the French left. 
My lead Kuirassiers braved more French artillery fire to advance on the Austrians.
 The Chasseurs were slowing Phil's advance.
The Austrian Bretlach Kuirassiers were driven off by their Prussian counterparts, thing were looking good for my attack! 
Austrian regiment Trautmannsdorf moved to block my advance. My Kuirassiers were unwilling to charge them!
 Phil's infantry now engaged the French infantry.
Trautmannsdorf charged my weakened KR11 and destroyed them, taking their following dragoons with them! Disaster! 
 My second cavalry brigade now charged the pursuing Austrians... 
...Both sides took losses, but again, my Prussians routed! 
The battle was decided though, on Phil's wing. The French closed with the advancing Prussian foot, initially successfully, but they were soon scattered by a crashing volley from the larger numbers of Prussians supported by their guns.
At this point, despite his cavalry success, the collapse of the French left forced them to retire from the table. The fact that the French brigadier in the centre was classed as Cautious and Incompetent may have had something to do with this decision too!

We will do another of these games next week, and I will try to get more pics!

I am still tempted to try using my Russians!