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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Another 7 Years war game

Today, we had a Seven Years War game at the club. We were due to be a foursome, but poor Phil isn't well, so it was just Lawrence, David, and myself.

We randomised the terrain and player mix, so David with his English would join the Franco-Reichsarmee against my Prussians.

As has become usual, Frederick got choice of table side - and deployed first, while the Confederates had first move. The table was fairly open, except one side where there was a wood bordered by steep hills!

David was on the confederate left, with some Reichs cavalry supporting 2 brigades of English and Scots, these would have to traverse the difficult terrain.
 On his right, Lawrence had a brigade of French infantry, supported by a brigade of French cavalry and an Austrian kuirassier brigade.
I deployed opposite, 3 brigades of Prussian infantry supported by 2 brigades of Prussian cavalry. 
The confederates had some poor brigadiers (nearly as many as me!) - but they managed to get their troops moving, for the most part.
 Worryingly for me, I had a competent cavalry brigadier facing my Incompetent! It showed as he got his Reichs-Cavalerie moving round the flank, skirting the steep hills.
 The front line of Scots/English moved early, their second line was...delayed!
 Facing my 3 regiments of Prussian horse, the Franco-Austrian cavalry wing was twice my strength...I would have to be inventive!
 My Incompetent right wing Cavalry commander failed to command anything! Seeing this, Frederick behind the Infantry prompted one Kuirassier regiment to move!
On the left, my Horse again refused to move, but I was able to advance a reserve gun battery from next to the cavalry to move to face the enemy cavalry. Would I get caught before I could deploy? 
I did have a spare infantry brigade in front of my stationary horsemen, which was not facing enemy infantry, I decided to use them to slow the enemy cavalry wing. 
On my right, the unit prompted by Frederick rode out to face the 3 Reichs Cavalerie unsupported!
 The cavalry on the French right was deployed, and began advancing quickly.
The confederate infantry was now marching together - I had advanced a regiment of infantry to face off the English.
I was helped on the other wing where David's cavalry were slowed, they had to have squadrons on the steep hill which slowed and disorganised them.
 My Prussian regiment met the English, their first volley was quite effective, but the redcoats held.
My left wing infantry managed to flank and defeat the front rank battalions of French, who fell back through their second line. 
 The Enlish infantry had rallied, and disrupted my Prussian regiment.
My front regiment retreated in disorder through the second line!
Facing the Scots in the wood, I had advanced Frei-Infanterie von Mayr into the wood to face the Scots, but they were dispersed in rout by a full volley! I had intended to keep the 2 supporting grenadier battalions on the hill to prevent the Scots causing any more mischief, but my brigadier was too busy fighting he English, so into the wood they went!
I had finally got my right wing cavalry moving, and just in time! Dave was getting his cavalry past the hill! 
My left wing horse, too, had begun to move, but were still trying to deploy. Only my artillery was left to face the French cavalry. (At the top of the picture, you can see my Prussian infantry driving off the Austrian Kuirassiers!) 
The French horse was halted briefly by the brisk bombardment
Regiment Bretlach  tried to charge my advancing infantry, which had already driven off regiment Trauttmansdorff - but thought better of it!
 Facing the English, my second line infantry, having reordered their ranks, advanced and fired a crashing volley into the already weakened battalions. 
My victorious infantry on my left now engaged the French second line. 
The English infantry routed, and to the surprise of all, all the French infantry and the centre artillery began to retreat! 
With his centre gone, and my left wing horse now advancing on the unsupported French cavalry, Lawrence signaled the confederates to leave the field. 
Oddly, on my right, even the Prussian kuirassiers had failed to charge the Reichs Cavalerie, after they had failed to charge! That wing just stood and glowered at each other while the battle was decided elsewhere!

All the players felt it had been a close and fun game, which means we all won!

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Back fighting the Empire!

Today, I was back at the club following a week doing 'Family' stuff!
Its good to be back pushing toy soldiers around, is all I can say!
David Stell was back with us, and we gave him a quick run through the new rules, as he hasn't seen them before.

For our first game we tried one of the simplest scenarios. David used Obi-Wan Kenobi, who is a rather forgiving character to use.
Lawrence used Chewbacca and I Gaarkhan - both Wookies.
Our mission was to cross the table and steal an Imperial shuttle to make our getaway.

Lawrence provided the interesting terrain!
I placed the Portal Markers in a dispersed pattern, covering all the possible routes to the objective (the shuttle). As per normal, I placed them with the largest field of view possible, just like a machine gun team! 
We started as a group (within 5" of each other) - in a wood. We gave ourselves a 'Move' order, which meant we had to move between half and full speed. 
Obi-Wan, our leader, had command and  moved, still hidden to the edge of the wood. 
 The system makes it dangerous to be visible to more than a couple of portal markers at a time, dependent on a D6 roll, the more markers in sight means more chance of meeting the enemy (and increases the chance of larger and nastier things turning up!)
We rapidly moved from the wood to a position across a branch of the stream. 
We started a new turn, giving yet another 'Move' order to our heroes. 
We then diced for Enemy force generation, on this chart. 
The roll was low, with only 3 Portals in sight, so nothing was generated, so we did our move, into another wood. 
We knew we would have to risk being seen by a lot of portals when we left this wood... 
...there were a lot of portals able to see us, potentially! 
I had Gaarkhan move on the hill, which putting him within 8" of 2 portals, dislodged them. 
The next valid portal position, (IE one with dead ground behind it, where enemy troops could move forward unseen by us)- put them on the far side of the hill. Its a good policy even when there are several good places to bounce portals to, to choose the one most directly in the likely line of our advance. 
As can be seen, the portals new position satisfies those conditions.
Nothing was generated from them that turn, so we ordered another move, behind the hill towards the shuttle, this move put us within 8" of the 2 portals again! 
The portals had to go quite far (11") to find a good position. The bush didn't have dead space behind it. 
 As can be seen, the new position covers our line of approach and has a route where enemy troops could approach us, behind the crates and the shuttle.
We ordered another move, and then diced for enemy force generation, and this time 4 Stormtroopers appeared, at the position of one of the observing portals. 
 Ah, the Joys of having a Jedi!, Obi-Wan Force jumped behind the Imperials!
Chewie and I had to advance through the Imperial fire! 
Obi-Wan diced poorly, but still won, causing a 'Wound' on each of his opponents! (This probably means he chopped the enemy blasters in two!) 
The Stormies remained in position... Chewie wanted to move to a shooting position, I had no choice, I had a big axe! CHHAAARRRGGE! 
 Before we got to move, the Imperials got reinforced!
 Gaarkhan found out how poorly Bucket heads shoot!
Chewie fired in support of my charge!
Obi-Wan Force pushed the reinforcements away, while fighting with his light sabre with his other hand!
 This time both stormies fell dead!
A new turn, after giving our characters orders, we diced for enemy reinforcements, and got another group from a different portal! 
Obi-Wan did another Force jump to engage the stunned Stormies he had batted away!  
 Gaarkhan made contact!
 Obi-Wan made short work of his opponents this time...
...as did I! 
 Chewie picked off a Stormie near Obi-Wan. 
 More Imperials were arriving each turn, fortunately, the next lot were far away.
 Gaarkhan entered the shuttle at the run!
 Chewie had only just reached the door.
 Obi-Wan Forced the last Stormy from the group he had been fighting into a crate, stunning him.
Another group of Stormies moved onto the shuttle from a different direction!
 Obi-Wan was getting surrounded!
I tried to help by firing the Shuttle's heavy lasers, but only managed to keep one of the enemy's heads down! 
Obi-Wan had jumped into the shuttle as Chewie piloted it away to safety! 
So, after lunch, we re-jigged the terrain and had a second game! 

This scenario would have us trying to get a droid to an enemy installation to download secrets, vital to the rebellion. I used Hera Syndulla and Chopper, Lawrence used Captain Rex, and Dave had Saw Gerrera.
 We would have Saw in charge this time.
 The Imperial installation was behind some rocks.
 Saw lead us round a flank of the table.
This kept us out of view of most of the portals. 
 Sadly, enough could see us to generate some Bucket heads!
As they advanced, Saw shot one, while the combined fire from Rex, Hera and him pinned the rest! 
All this activity triggered another group across the table from us. 
 Their fire helped cover their retreating comrades.
Saw and Rex pinned the heavy weapon trooper in the group across the table. 
Hera continued to engage the first group... 
...shooting one dead with her pistol!
 The Empire brought in an AT-ST to support their flank attack! 
 These advanced on us, shooting!
 Rex was pinned by a close laser blast, but Saw ran out and shot another Stormie!
 The survivor turned and ran!
 More Stormies came on, again on our flank behind the AT-ST.
Emboldened by the support, the whole group began to advance in support of the walker. 
 Hera had recommended we scrub the mission, considering the enemy forces we now faced, but Saw disagreed. Hera loyally dashed through the fire from the Imperials to support their move.
Saw and Rex moved forward quickly, trying to evade the advancing walker.
 Saw ruthlessly gunned down the retreating Stormtrooper. 
As they approached the installation, though, a larger group of Troopers moved to block their advance. 
Hera and Chop went round and behind the hill, out of sight of the portals...and the Empire! 
 Saw led Rex round the flank of the new group of Stormies.
 ...only to meet another!
 The AT-ST was closing on our rear!
Hera, from round the hill, tried to cover Rex and Saw... 
Even Saw realised the game was up, and signaled our forces to withdraw...before the Imperial forces closed the trap!
Ah well, you cannot win them all!